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Cheers Smart  Hangover & Liver Care Capsule

Cheers Smart Hangover & Liver Care Capsule

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100% R&D and production in Japan

Japanese companies cooperating in product development have been established for more than 30 years

Obtained health food GMP certification (one of the first companies in Japan to obtain GMP certification)

Member of Japan Health Food Standards Association

Member of Japan Propolis Council

Japan Pharmaceutical Resources Sustained Utilization Promotion Association・Director

Product key features:

Protect the liver and relieve hangovers

Origin: Japan

Specification: 1 box 30 capsule 


Usage and dosage

Suggested consumption method for hangover:

  • Take 1-2 sachets 30 minutes before drinking
  • Consume 1 pack at the drinking party as needed
  • Take 1 pack before going to bed after drinking to strengthen the relief of hangovers
  • Recommended daily consumption method for liver protection:
  • 1 sachet in the morning to promote liver metabolism, relieve stress and resist fatigue
  • 1 sachet at night to help detoxify the liver and improve sleep quality
  • No medicine, no side effects, long-term consumption will not cause dependence
  • Use natural plant capsules, dissolve 5 times faster

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