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Panthenol Ceutic B5  30g

Panthenol Ceutic B5 30g

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Effectively soothes redness, repairs and moisturizes the skin

Hypoallergenic formula, suitable for sensitive, ultra-dry skin and after medical cosmetic treatment

l Selected 9 kinds of active repairing ingredients to accelerate the repair of skin tissues and instantly relieve redness and swelling
l Deeply repair and moisturize the skin to create a soft skin
l Use two high-concentration repair active factors-provitamin B5 and bisabolol-widely used in the medical beauty industry
l Gradually penetrate the skin, effectively moisturize and repair for a long time, and bring immediate comfort to the skin
l Protect skin cell membranes, powerfully resist free radicals
l Suitable for sensitive and ultra-dry skin

Suggested use
It is recommended to be used as a medical beauty treatment (such as acid peeling, laser, microneedling) for immediate soothing use, and then it can be used for 3 to 5 days as needed. It can be used for dry skin, tingling, cracking, redness and inflammation, etc. problem

main ingredient
5% Provitamin B5
1% bisabolol
Shea Butter
Vitamin E
No parabens

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