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Q Taste Buddy Pure Fish Essence 6 packs
Q Taste Buddy Pure Fish Essence 6 packs
Q Taste Buddy Pure Fish Essence 6 packs
Q Taste Buddy Pure Fish Essence 6 packs
Q Taste Buddy Pure Fish Essence 6 packs
Q Taste Buddy Pure Fish Essence 6 packs
Q Taste Buddy Pure Fish Essence 6 packs

Q Taste Buddy Pure Fish Essence 6 packs

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Pure Milkfish Essence (6 Packs(pcs) , 60 ml per pack)



100% no added preservatives

100% no added thickener

100% no added flavoring agent

100% no artificial coloring


Milkfish is rich in nutritional value

Strictly selected ingredients are extracted, 100% safe and healthy. Milkfish has a full range of nutritional value, rich in protein and 17 kinds of amino acids required by the human body, suitable for the whole family to drink.


Milkfish, also known as milk fish, has fresh and sweet meat, rich in protein and vitamins, high-quality minerals, low-calorie, low-fat, and low-cholesterol. It is a healthy and healthy food choice.

After the milkfish has been cleansed and cleaned, it will be dripped after 15 hours of slow heat refining, and the essence will be dripped to lock the aroma and nutrition. After filtering the excess oil, it is sealed in a sterile vacuum, sterilized at high temperature, and stored at room temperature to ensure that it is free of preservatives, plasticizers and heavy metals!


Ingredients and effects:

The protein of milkfish is a fish species with extremely high content of free amino acids and nucleotides. The free amino acids are mainly histidine and taurine. Taurine has the functions of improving eyesight, refreshing, detoxifying and anti-oxidant; Amino acids have anti-oxidation and health care effects. Milkfish has higher EPA and DHA content than eels, which can reduce cholesterol, prevent blood acid, and improve brain development. It has a particularly high nutritional value.


*Helps the normal development of teeth and bones

* Regulate physiological functions

*Nourishes and strengthens the body, enhances physical strength, and is energetic

*Beauty and beauty, help fall asleep

*Nutrition supply, health maintenance

*Pre- and post-natal or post-partum supplementation

*Promote metabolism and reduce fatigue


Six characteristics of Pure Fish Essence

1. High protein

2. High calcium

3. High collagen

4. Zero cholesterol

5. Low calories

6. Zero fat



Confidence Guarantee

* Adhere to non-toxic ecological farming

* Strictly selected and raised fresh high-grade milkfish

* High temperature boiling sterilization

* Without any additives and preservatives

* Sophisticated extraction equipment






l Collagen

l Calcium

l Amino acid

l Vitamins

l Polysaccharides


What's the difference ?

Pure Fish Essence is an improved version of traditional fish soup, which is more scientific, more effective and more secure










Fish Essence


strong and trash

Mellow and smooth

100% pure milkfish


Free From Amino Acid , Nucleotide content

100% pure milkfish

Legal farms (source can be traced)

ordinary temperature



General fish soup


Fishy smell

taste of other seasonings

Mainly mixed fish will add water or seasoning

Mainly protein


Not traceable

Mostly frozen (cannot be carried with you)



Quality Assurance

*No hormones, antibiotics, preservatives and additives

*Distilled water droplets <Extract the rich proteins (called peptides) in fish meat>

*Protein peptides are healthier and are required for nutrition

*Fish extract is rich in protein, has a mild and simple taste, and removes excess oil, making body maintenance less burdensome

*Normal temperature technology locks in nutrition (the high temperature is above 120 degrees to reach the aseptic vacuum state in the bag, and the nutritional value and taste are completely retained)



Meet the needs of different people


1. Toddlers/Children

One sachet per day: It needs rich protein and OMEGA-3 during the growth period, which can supplement young children's nutrition, enhance immunity, and help children thrive.

2. School children / adults

One packet every morning: It can replenish protein, OMEGA-3, regulate physical strength, mood, concentration, and improve study and work efficiency.

3. Adults (beautiful and anti-aging people)

One to two sachets every morning: replenish collagen and soften muscles.

4. Pregnant women (before and after pregnancy)

One sachet each morning and evening: to replenish pregnant women's stamina and restore vitality; also provide adequate nutrition for the baby.

5. Elderly people/patients (who recovered from illness)

One packet in the morning and evening: The elderly/patients can take in balanced nutrition, restore physical strength, and enhance resistance.



A number of third-party scientific inspection reports in Taiwan



Microbial Detection

Detected as Null



Detected as Null


Heavy metal

Detected as Null



Detected as Null



Detected as Null


Animal drug residues

Detected as Null



Detected as Null


Pesticide residues

Detected as Null


Hydrolyzed amino acid

Detection value up to 5145MG/100G)


Free amino acids

Detection value up to 629.7MG/100G)


Vitamin B (nicotinoid)

Detection value up to 3.99MG/100G)



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